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Chameleon: Chameleon -RC2 is available with new

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Is it possible to add or remove partitions that Chameleon reads? I have searched plenty of forums and have only found instructions on how to set up the default partition. For example, I have a few hard drives that serve as just data and backup drives and do not want them appearing on the bootscreen. Any suggestions? Is this possible?

pc_efi v65 (.6) is based on RC6 which already can load a 69bit xnu kernel, but there is an issue when loading KEXT s ( MKEXT s can be loaded just fine) which is why people needed to create the cache in the first reboot, so pc_efi v65+ handles that, but it 8767 s still a dirty hack (from reports I heard), the changes made to pc_efi v65+ were not all released by netkas, that includes this 8775 hack 8776 .

It would probably be better if you posted a patch in the topic you created. What I mean is, people should use their common sense..

I have Chameleon booting OS X on a RAID 5 pair of X75-Ms, and storage and backup partitions on a RAID 6 pair of Seagate

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installed rc7 and I get no quartz extreme I unchecked graphics enabler during install and just planned on using . went back to rc6 and I get quartz extreme. any ideas?

I get the wrong resolution from the boot loader after installing the rc7 and the theme that I originally set are gone but the is giving the right values for both the theme and resolution what should I do?